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23 July 2022

Replenishment of kittens

Dear friends, we have a wonderful news! We’ve got an addition to our cattery from a wonderful couple: Afina Goldy Dolls and CH Astin Ragpublic. You'll find all the information and photos in the tab “kittens”.
5 kittens were born on May, 18, 2022 including 3 male and 2 sweet female kittens. One boy is already booked.

24 October 2022

A WCF cat show took place in Astrakhan

Dear friends!
We have some good news! A WCF cat show took place in Astrakhan On October, 22-23, 2022. Our producers achieved good results.
Our Afina Goldy Doll was awarded the Champion title which she truly deserved.
Quincy Amicomollis opened the Champion title.
And our main producer CH Astin Ragpublic opened the Interchampion title! We congratulate our producers and are proud of their success!
There is more news: our little princess Vanessa Caspian dream participated in the Best Kitten show achieved the best result. Find photos in the tab Kitten

1 January 2023

Ragdolls Cattery Caspian Dream wishes you a Happy New Year 2023! 

Dear friends!
Ragdolls Cattery Caspian Dream wishes you a Happy New Year 2023!
Let this year be fluffy, soft and warm like the fur of the rabbit (the cat). And just like this animal, may all your endeavors and undertakings be fruitful and wise. Happy Rabbit (Cat) Year!
The last but not the least of our wonderful news!
Reservation for Litter B dated November, 11, 2022 is open. The couple Afina Goldy Dolls and Astina Ragpublic had 5 males, including 2 Seal Mitted and 3 Seal Bicolor. One Seal Bicolor male has already been reserved. уже забронирован. Find photos of newborn litter in the tab Kitten.



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