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Welcome, my dear friends!

My name is Svetlana Egorenko, I am a cat breeder of a wonderful breed of cats, Ragdoll. My acquaintance with cats as well as my breeder career began with my Scottish fold cat Alisa. This process completely engrossed me and became a part of my life. At some point I realized that one breed was not enough for me and I decided to widen my outlook. That is how my acquaintance with an amazing Ragdoll breed began. 
Светлана Егоренко заводчик Рэгдоллов
Caspian Dream

Why Ragdoll?

I was looking for the right breed for a long time, but when I found it, I fell in love with it immediately and now I can’t imagine my life without ragdolls. They are amazing cats and I’m happy that they became the basis of my cattery. These pets became an ideal addition to my big family – myself, my husband and our three sons. All of us are fascinated by these incredible creatures. It is my family, that became the decision making factor to establishing the cattery Caspian Dream. The cattery was established in 2019 and for the 3 years of its existence, our cats have gone to different cities of Russia as well as abroad. 

The WCF system is trusted in all the world

Our cattery is registered in an international felinological association WCF. We We are members of Feliz club in Astrakhan.
Our pets regularly take part in various cats exhibitions and win prizes. We choose the best producers so that our kittens correspond the pedigree data Breed, Show and Pet indexes thus we are confident in the high quality of our kittens. 
Caspian Dream

Ragdolls were bred in the beginning of 1960-s by Ann Baker, a cat breeder from California. It is believed that the progenitors of this breed were the white Persian-Angora cat Josephine and a cat visually similar to the Burmese cat.
Ragdoll cats are true phlegmatic in the cat family. Their main peculiarity due to which they got their name, is a muscle relaxation. It is felt when a person is holding the cat in his arms: not a single muscle of the pet is tense.

Due to the reduced pain threshold and the complete lack of aggression, this cat will endure children’s games till the last.

A real family member

A ragdoll treats its owner with a particular love and respect. The cat follows its master right on the heels.

Apart from purely physical peculiarities, ragdolls are famous for their kind, gentle and calm personality. They are complaint and playful at the same time. By the way, ragdolls adore playing with kids and parents don’t need to be worried for their children during these games.



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